MASSif MUSIC FEST 2017 Photos by Bobbi Barbarich Asia Fairbanks


Meet a MASSiF 2018 Band: Hippiecritz!

Legendary Kelowna punks Hippiecritz will band together once again to storm the 2018 Massif Music Festival! If you witnessed their sweat-soaked performance in the Kootenay Co-op Radio basement (as documented in this Mossbot video), you know what we’re in for this fall. Make your ears bleed at their Bandcamp page, give ’em a follow on Facebook and Twitter, and get those Massif 2018 tickets right now!

The 12 DAZE of MASSiFmas Early Bird Sale Starts NOW!

MASSif MUSIC FEST 2017 Photos by Bobbi Barbarich Asia Fairbanks

Kick the holiday season into high gear with the 12 daze of MASSiFmas! Secure your spot at the 2018 Massif Music Festival—just 12 early-bird passes are available at 2017’s bargain price of $60, for 12 days only (online only). Guaranteed to rock your stockings off!

Let’s get festive—buy your tickets NOW!

Annual General Meeting

Did you know the Massif Festival Music Society is a not-for-profit organization? As such, we have an annual public meeting that you can come be part of, and consider if you want to join us!

We’ll be hosting our annual general meeting at 7pm on November 30 at 810 Silica St. Come prepared to listen to our finances, year in review and future plans. We’ll also vote in our new board. See you then.