Massif Thanks Nelson Brewing Company!

Nelson Brewing Company has been a supporter, sponsor and main presenter of Massif since its inception, and we’re delighted to continue that tradition of partnership in 2022! The organic ales NBC produces are as much a product of Nelson as the talent that Massif focuses on—homegrown, bold and with a nod to our wonderful subculture.

Massif will feature two beers from NBC this year: the Valhalla Pale Ale and the brand-new Loki Lager.

The Valhalla Pale Ale is a well-balanced organic hazy pale ale. Notes of tropical fruit, papaya and mango from the Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra dry hops. Malted wheat and oats give this beer its smooth, creamy mouthfeel. It finishes with hints of sweet malt and caramel, giving it that balanced backbone.

Brewed in the Queen City to be the queen of beers, the Loki Lager is easy drinking epitomized. A classic craft lager reimagined to be as epic as its namesake. It’s crisp, it’s clean and it tastes like beer should. Low-key but unforgettable.

We are thankful for NBC’s support and continued partnership! Come enjoy a brew at Massif this year or go grab one now!


Meet a Massif 2022 Band: Kinski!

Esteemed Kill Rock Stars post-punk noise thrill seekers Kinski come to us from Seattle and promise to deliver the warm, fuzzed-out, overdrive sound that will shake us all like the dying leaves from the biggest tree in the first autumn storm. Their legendary Massif 2018 performance only whetted our appetites. Brace yourselves.

If Kinski’s website doesn’t sate you, lavish your ears on Bandcamp, and send love poems on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Massif 2022 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company.


Here is your schedule for Massif 2022! It all happens at the Eagles Lodge in Nelson (641 Baker Street).


5:00 – doors open
6:30 – Toaster
7:15 – Black Blood of the Earth
8:00 – RadDog
8:45 – Half Dead
9:30 – Snailbones
10:15 – AK-747s
11:00 – Harsh
11:45 – Brass


4:30 – doors open
5:45 – Pool Fight
6:30 – The Adits
7:15 – Selfist
8:00 – Bitter//Washed
8:45 – Space Queen
9:30 – The Corps
10:15 – Fearbirds
11:00 – Man Meat
11:45 – No More Moments
12:30 – Kinski

Massif 2022 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company