Who’s Playing Massif 2023? Thee Disastronauts!

Like a rocket ship hurled at the sun, Thee Disastronauts will boldly go where few dare. Combining the otherworldly guitar chords of Chris Lyon, the upwardly mobile bass explorations of Tim Hodgson, the fluidly radiating drums of Juno Award-winning producer Roger Swan, and the deep reverb-soaked twang of stunt guitarist Mike Hodsall (DOA, Raven Head, Noble Five, Circle the Wagons), Thee Disastronauts sail into the outer realms of musical space with wild abandon and ignorance of impending doom.

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Massif 2023 First Wave of Bands!

Feast your eyes and ears on the frenetic first wave of bands for Massif 2023! Breakneck punk, hardcore doom, post-punk math grunge, psychedelic stoner rock—these are a few of my favorite things. And we’ve only just begun!

Alien Boys (Vancouver)

Mares of Thrace (Calgary)

Snailbones (Portland)

Vibes (Edmonton)

Pharm (Kelowna)

Severed Arm (Slocan Valley/Nelson/Castlegar)

Thee Disastronauts (Slocan Valley)

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Meet a Massif 2022 Band: Kinski!

Esteemed Kill Rock Stars post-punk noise thrill seekers Kinski come to us from Seattle and promise to deliver the warm, fuzzed-out, overdrive sound that will shake us all like the dying leaves from the biggest tree in the first autumn storm. Their legendary Massif 2018 performance only whetted our appetites. Brace yourselves.

If Kinski’s website doesn’t sate you, lavish your ears on Bandcamp, and send love poems on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Massif 2022 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company.