Who’s playing Massif 2017? When can I buy a Massif t-shirt?

Immune 2 Cobras, the Tarholes, Dealer and Larch will rock you into sweet stupor of anticipation for Massif 2017.

Come to Spiritbar on Friday, May 19 to hear our Festival Headliner and ticket sale announcement and to pick up a limited edition, exclusive Massif t-shirt! $25! We only got 25 so bring your hollers and your dollars!!






MASSiF thanks our Backers!

Please support our festival sponsors. We couldn’t do this without them!

NDCU was our first sponsor. They believed in our vision and offered to pay for the Legion rental.

The Hume’s been feeding hungry bands for over a century. As Massif Backer, they’ll continue to do so this weekend.

El Taco literally has the corner on belly-warming Mexican food. Real food for real people! That’s us! And they’re only a block away from the Legion.

Nelson Potorium speaks to a beloved tradition in Nelson. We’re incredibly grateful they’re backing us.

And finally, Hall Printing and Big Cranium Design have each been supporting events in Nelson for a generation. Hall Printing printed all the awesome posters and booklets for the festival, and Big Cranium gave our volunteers the shirt on their backs.

Much love to all our festival backers… Now let’s party!

MASSiF thanks Frog Peak!

Today is go time, but we’ve got time to welcome one more friend to the fold. Frog Peak Cafe generously donated some coin to join the ranks of all the generous community people who’ve stepped up to make this festival happen.

If you’re coming in on Highway 6, take a left at the junction and pick yourself up some goodies!





Today we’re sending a Massif thank you out to our festival stage presenters: Nelson Brewing Company and Tribute Boardshop. The two Legion stages are set up side by side for the rocking-est of duels! Each stage is represented by these two local heroes.

We actually would not have been able to do this without their support–go show them some love. Tribute is also throwing in some fun Emerica cozies so’s you can keep your NBC beer cold!