We got 144 submissions, and we have to make some tough choices as we narrow it down to less than 25 bands for the festival. We will be in contact with your band after April 1, 2019, so please don’t email to check on your submission 🙂

And now, we’ve got a lot of work to do! Thank you for supporting MASSiF 2019!!


Annual General Meeting

The Massif Music Festival is created and produced by the Massif Music Festival Society, a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Our Board of Directors includes 6 people, each of whom is in charge of a committee (bands, sound, sponsorship, volunteers, design, promotions).

As a non-profit society, we are required to host an Annual General Meeting, and it’s open to the public. We’ll go over the budget and each committee head gives a report, then we vote in new board directors. If you’d like to learn more about us, get involved or become a board member, come to our AGM!

Thursday December 6, 7pm at 810 Silica St, Nelson BC. Drinks and snacks will be served.


GUESS WHAT! We’re releasing a limited number of SINGLE DAY PASSES! Friday only and Saturday only, $40 each. CASH ONLY.

WRISTBAND PICK UP and single day pass purchase is at EAGLES LODGE ONLY before 9pm! No exceptions. If you’ve bought an advance ticket, you MUST pick up your wristband at EAGLES LODGE before 9pm.

LET’S PARTY! Massif 2018 is presented by Tribute and Nelson Brewing Company!MASSif MUSIC FEST 2017 Photos by Bobbi Barbarich Asia Fairbanks


How could we not? Tribute has been with us as Festival Presenter from the get go. We honestly would not survive without them. Tribute, this is our starry-eyed love letter to you. THANK YOU.

If you’re reading this and you don’t have your pass, go get it now at Tribute, 556 Baker St–there’s only a few left!! While you’re there, pick up something, anything! It’s all amazing gear! But not just cuz it’s cool, but because they’re constant community supporters of undoubtedly cool stuff. And we like to think that’s why they keep supporting us!

Massif 2018 is presented by Tribute, as well as Nelson Brewing Company.

Massif Festival 2016



It’s no secret we love beer, but perhaps you didn’t know how much we love Nelson Brewing Company. They’ve been an integral member of the Nelson community since 1991… before a lot of our festival goers were born!

NBC continues to brew fresh, organic beer just a few blocks from Eagles Lodge. They’ve supported us as Festival Presenter since day one, and this year, they’ve upped the ante. They’re brewing a special Massif Pale Ale! You can get it at Eagles Lodge!

We’re incredibly grateful for NBC’s support. All we ask is that you support them, which means drinking their beer. That ain’t too hard at all. Cheers!003