We Want YOU to Play Massif 2022!

Massif never says die. Massif never gives up. Massif will rise again!

We want YOU to play at Massif 2022 on September 23-24! Click the link to SUBMIT TO MASSIF…er, submit your band to play at Massif. Applications are open until April 15!

Now, repeat after me:




Massif’s First-Ever Vinyl Release!

Introducing Massif’s first-ever vinyl release: Massif Music’s Massive Record Vol. 1! No live event in 2021, no problem—bring these 10 Massif bands into your home on this extremely limited edition record on coloured vinyl, courtesy of Bandwidth Records!

Click here to order now!

Featuring Brass, Dead Fibres, Gone Cosmic, AK-747s, Space Queen, Brain Bent, Rebuild/Repair, Less Miserable, The Adits and Ruiner

Live Massif 2021 Canceled

We regret to announce that the live Massif 2021 event is canceled. The COVID-19 situation in the Nelson area and the accompanying regulations have made it too difficult to host a concert. We’re sorry we couldn’t make it work.

But fear not! We’ll never let the music die. Keep your eyes peeled for the next step in our Massif journey.

Until then, take care of yourselves and each other.

Massif 2021 Postponed to Oct. 22-23

Given the high number of COVID-19 cases in Nelson and the new COVID regulations in BC and in the Interior, we are postponing Massif 2021 until Oct. 22-23.

Our hope is that by late October, COVID cases will have dropped in Nelson and we can have a full-capacity event. (Proof of vaccination will be required, per provincial regulations.)

While we really, really want to hold a live show, people’s health and well-being are the priority. Please take care of yourselves—vax up, mask up and socially distance, and hopefully we’ll be rocking come October!