Massif Music: Viral Edition trailer!

The Viral Edition of Massif premieres Saturday, Sept. 26 at 6pm PT! Crack open a cold one, click on the live stream and enjoy as 14 fantastic performances from punk, metal and rock bands wash over you. Watch live on our website and the Massif Music YouTube channel. And it’s all free!

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Space Queen!

Vancouver trio Space Queen make their virtual homecoming on the Viral Edition of Massif. Featuring three Selkirk College music program graduates—and two Nelson natives!—Space Queen lure you in with throwback harmonies and bluesy melodies before lowering the boom.

Dig into their psychedelic stoner rock sound on their website and on Bandcamp, and give them a holler on Instagram and Facebook.

Get experienced on the Viral Edition live stream on Sept. 26!

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: The Lunatic Touch!

Stumbling through a murky forest, you hear the faint strains of music in the mist. Following the sound, you discover a gloomy cabin shaking from the noisy, trashy rock ‘n’ roll being played inside. Against your better judgment, you enter…never to emerge. Another soul lost to The Lunatic Touch!

Listen if you dare on Bandcamp, and lurk on the Saskatoon band’s social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Wade into the swamp on Massif’s Viral Edition, streaming live on Sept. 26!

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Trulla!

Vancouver two-piece Trulla has swagger for days, mixing monster riffs with head-turning melodies for a sound both classic and bone-crushing. Massif fans will remember how singer/guitarist Selina Koop dominated the stage in 2017 with Glad Rags, while drummer Heather Ross beats the skins like they stole something.

Drink in their tunes on Bandcamp, or drop them a line on Facebook and Instagram.

And watch them rock the screen during Massif’s Viral Edition, featuring their new single “Sinner,” on Sept. 26!

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: King Scrat!

Three of Christina Lake’s finest have come together to forge an unholy union of psych, punk and garage rock. Scuzzy, fuzzy and fun, King Scrat will take you on a trip you won’t soon forget (or may forget immediately, depending on how hard you partied).

Get rowdy with them during the Viral Edition of Massif on Sept. 26!

In the meantime, tune ’em in on Spotify and hit ’em up on Facebook or Instagram.

Massif Music: Viral Edition lineup!!

Presenting the kickass lineup for Massif Music: Viral Edition, streaming LIVE on Sept. 26! Stay tuned for details on how to watch these bands slay!

The Corps (Vancouver)
Heron (Vancouver)
Iron Eyes (Edmonton)
Harsh (Calgary)
The Adits (Nelson)
Tarholes (Nelson)
Bath (Winlaw)
Giant Water Bug (Rossland)
Space Queen (Vancouver)
The Lunatic Touch (Saskatoon)
Trulla (Vancouver)
Larch (Nelson)
The Sex Geckos (Saskatoon)
King Scrat (Christina Lake)