Massif Thanks Cake Betty!

Picture this: You’ve driven for hours to Nelson to play at Massif, and when you walk into Eagles Lodge, you’re given a gift bag containing the most delicious cupcakes you’ve ever eaten, courtesy of Cake Betty. Cupcake-fueled rock? Don’t mind if I do! Thank you, Cake Betty!


Meet a Massif 2022 Band: AK-747s!

Self-described “weird punk” from Vancouver, AK-747s play fast and loud and drop sound bombs from space. They baptized Massif in 2016, and it’s criminal that we haven’t had them back since. We’re stoked to reunite them with Nelson this year and to have them fill the void between our eyes and ears.

Get weird with AK-747s on Bandcamp, and get even weirder on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Massif 2022 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company.

Meet a Massif 2022 Band: Half Dead!

The world is a desperate place, and they have some thoughts about who’s to blame.

From the cold heart capital of Alberta, Half Dead will slash you with their punk rock razorblade guitars and ferocious vocals. Don’t worry, though—they’re also trained in the art of triage.

Tear it all down on Bandcamp, and plot the overthrow on Instagram and Facebook.

Massif 2022 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company.