Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Heron!

The pitch-black doom of Vancouver foursome Heron provides the perfect backdrop for these dark times—a heavy blanket sometimes comforting, sometimes oppressive. They rained sludge on the Massif crowd in 2018, and they’re poised to do it again on the Viral Edition live stream on Saturday!

Meet your new overlords on Bandcamp, and grovel on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Iron Eyes!

A wild-eyed trucker slams a cassette into his tape deck as he careens down an icy mountain highway. The soundtrack to his maniacal laughter? The extreme rock ‘n’ roll of Edmonton’s Iron Eyes.

Massif fans experienced their hard-charging sound in 2018, and Iron Eyes return with a vengeance on the Viral Edition live stream on Saturday!

Feel the fury on Bandcamp, and give ’em a shout on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Bath!

Winlaw two-piece Bath have cultivated a cult following with spellbinding performances that haunt you long afterward. Their unsettling, enrapturing compositions portend doom and rebirth. Attendees at Massif 2018 and 2019 know this well.

Their power will flow through the screen during the live stream of Massif’s Viral Edition on Sept. 26!

Channel their chants on Bandcamp, and reach them through a medium (or on Instagram and Facebook).

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Giant Water Bug!

Mountain men Giant Water Bug produce fiery, fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll from their nest in Rossland. These tireless rockers have gotten down and dirty everywhere in the Kootenays, mixing blues, garage rock and psychedelica into a heady brew.

They’ll debut TWO NEW SONGS on the Viral Edition of Massif on Sept. 26! Not to be missed!

Get down with GWB on Bandcamp, and say hi to the nicest guys ever on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: Space Queen!

Vancouver trio Space Queen make their virtual homecoming on the Viral Edition of Massif. Featuring three Selkirk College music program graduates—and two Nelson natives!—Space Queen lure you in with throwback harmonies and bluesy melodies before lowering the boom.

Dig into their psychedelic stoner rock sound on their website and on Bandcamp, and give them a holler on Instagram and Facebook.

Get experienced on the Viral Edition live stream on Sept. 26!

Meet a Massif 2020 Band: The Lunatic Touch!

Stumbling through a murky forest, you hear the faint strains of music in the mist. Following the sound, you discover a gloomy cabin shaking from the noisy, trashy rock ‘n’ roll being played inside. Against your better judgment, you enter…never to emerge. Another soul lost to The Lunatic Touch!

Listen if you dare on Bandcamp, and lurk on the Saskatoon band’s social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Wade into the swamp on Massif’s Viral Edition, streaming live on Sept. 26!