MASSiF thanks Canadian Garden Supply!

Our Friends are making us see green! Thanks to Canadian Garden Supply for jumping in with our Massif Festival crew. It’s a pretty perfect fit! Find them whatever you need to keep your green fresh and your gardening glorious at 1730 Hwy 3.

Massif2018 is presented by Tribute and Nelson Brewing Company.



Meet a MASSiF 2018 Band: Hex Beat!


What is in the water in Edmonton? Three-piece Hex Beat exhibit earworm basslines, jangly guitar work and unsettling unpredictability—traits that Massif aficionados have grown to love about the City of Champions! Bone up on their post-punk perfection on Bandcamp, follow Hex Beat on Facebook, and buy your #Massif2018 tickets right now!

The 2018 Massif Music Festival is presented by Nelson Brewing Company and Tribute.


You read that right! Festival Presenter Nelson Brewing Company is brewing a special concoction for Massif Festival! WE’RE SO EXCITED WE CAN TASTE IT! Now go get your pass at Tribute or online, and you can taste it, too!!

(Massif Pale Ale isn’t yet available in these fine cans, but you can quaff your thirst with kegs of Massif PA at the festival!)

Massif 2018 is presented by Nelson Brewing Company and Tribute.



Did we get your attention? Porcupine Wood Products certainly got ours when they signed on to be a Festival Backer for the third year running. A little woodpecker told us it was because they think we’re doing good things for the music scene in the Kootenays. We can’t thank them enough for their support, and the honest words. We’re constantly shocked by and reminded of how incredible the Kootenay business community is. Everybody, please…buy local!

Massif 2018 is presented by Tribute and Nelson Brewing Company.