MASSiF 2017 Wave 2: Bison, Black Mastiff, B.A. Johnston and more!

SecondWaveThe second wave of bands for the 2017 Massif Music Festival is HERE! From the barely contained fury of Bison to the thundering sounds of Black Mastiff and the one-man shenanigans of B.A. Johnston, this lineup is devastating through and through! Get your tickets ASAP to experience Nelson’s best festival!

Wave 2 bands

Bison (Vancouver metal maniacs)
Black Mastiff (Edmonton stoner rock masters)
B.A. Johnston (legendary Hamilton, Ontario showman)
Napalmpom (Calgary celebratory rock ‘n’ roll)
HEDKS (evil Vancouver duo return to Massif)
The Shiverettes (take-no-prisoners femme punk from Calgary)
Red Hot Gospel (the Edmonton emissaries’ Massif encore)
Waingro (HEAVY Vancouver three-piece)
Pet Blessings (from Vancouver—your new favourite band)
Counterfeit Jeans (fast-rising Edmonton guitar demons)
Basic Instinct (Vancouver two-piece doom)
Anchoress (melodic hardcore from Vancity)


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