MASSif General Info You NEED to Know!

WRISTBAND PICK UP is at THE LEGION ONLY prior to 9pm. Just a reminder the doors open at 4pm at the Legion on Friday, first band at 5pm. Saturday, doors are at 3 and first band is at 3:45. Sunday doors open at 6 at the Royal, first band at 7pm. Full schedule at

Wristband pick up is at the Legion only, prior to 9pm both Friday and Saturday. You who bought the ticket, or the person who bought you your ticket, must be present to pick up the wrist band. We do NOT give out wristbands without the person for whom the wristband was purchased. For example, if your mom bought it for you, your mom has to be there to pick it up WITH YOU. If you bought it for your friends, you AND THE FRIENDS must be present to pick up the wristband.

There are NO DOOR TICKETS for FRIDAY and SATURDAY. There are tickets at the Royal for SUNDAY, $10 at the door only!

NO SLR cameras.

NO backpacks.

NO drink containers or outside beverages.

Also, no jerks and no crybabies.

See you this weekend!


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